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Metagame Matchmakers

​A party game that gets
you talking

The Metagame is the ultimate cure for awkward silences. It sparks conversation about everything from high art to trashy entertainment and everything in­ between. It's not about knowing facts — it's about having opinions and sharing them with your friends.


200 culture cards featuring civilization's greatest achievements. Like the Mona Lisa. Or Ms. Pac­Man.

100 opinion cards that say things like “Which feels like first love?” or “Which is a sign of the apocalypse?”

7 unique games to play with 2­—50 of your most opinionated family and friends.


Metagame matchmakers

Other peoples' opinions


Official Selection, IndieCade Festival of Independent Games

Shut Up and Sit Down

Seriously Good Game Award, Shut Up & Sit Down

Bernie DeKoven

Official Selection, XOXO Tabletop

Boston FIG

Official Selection, Boston Festival of Independent Game

Metagame debateclub

Seven ways to play

Metagame Rules

The Metagame is not just one game. It’s a deck of cards for playing a whole bunch of different games. Whether it’s just you and one opinionated friend or a whole house party.



Metagame Matchmakers

3+ players

Each round, match your hand of culture cards to everyone else’s opinion cards. Recommended for your first Metagame.


History 101

Metagame History 101

2+ players

Get your dates straight. A Metagame for 2 or more players about putting culture in the right chronology.


Think Alike

Metagame Think Alike

2+ players

A game to get on the same wavelength as your partner. Play just the two of you or compete on teams.

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Debate Club

Metagame Debate Club

5+ players

Loudmouths rule. Survive each round by arguing for your card. If the critics don’t like what you say, you are knocked out and become a critic, too.


Head to Head

Metagame Head to Head

3 players

A high­speed battle of wits for three. You and an opponent race to put your cards on the table.



Metagame Metaquilt

3­—7 players

It’s got strategy. It’s got debate. And it turns your tabletop into a crazy­quilt of culture. Lose all your cards to win.


Massively Multiplayer Metagame

Metagame Massively Multiplayer

5—50+ players

A highly social Metagame. Play it over dinner conversation or at big parties and events. Like the name says, it works with hundreds or even thousands of players.

Metagame headtohead

The Metagame Expansion Packs

Metagame Games Expansion

Games expansion pack

Which is more work than play? MINECRAFT or SLOT MACHINES?

The Games Expansion Pack, created with the fun folks at Shut Up & Sit Down, includes boardgames, videogames and other ways humans play with each other.

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Metagame SCI-FI Expansion

Sci Fi expansion pack

Which reveals the secret meaning of the universe? THE MATRIX TRILOGY or CLASSIC STAR TREK?

The Science Fiction Expansion Pack is a far-out mix of books, films, comics, games, and television. From the future.

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Metagame Film Expansion

Film 101 expansion pack

Which is a mirror of all our hopes and fears? THE SOUND OF MUSIC or JAWS?

The Film 101 Expansion Pack for The Metagame features a 100-year survey of the silver screen.
Popcorn not included.

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Metagame metaquilt

New Metagames to Play

What the What

Metagame What the What

4+ players

A frantic game of quick communication. Help your partner guess as many cards as they can... just watch what you say!

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Get a Clue

Metagame Get a Clue

4+ players

Give everyone a clue about your card. But here’s the twist: you want some—but not all—of the players to get the clue.

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Special Occasion

Metagame Special Occasion

4+ players

A game where you play to the desires of your friends. Can you give the best gift ever?

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Metagame history101

Get social

Find out about upcoming expansions for The Metagame and get invited to our events! Every first Monday of the month we get together to play and test out new Metagames — so you should join!

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What is the gameplay like?
Depends which game you play. The Metagame comes with seven games. Some of them are about discussion and debate. Others reward careful strategy and planning. One is about knowing facts. Another is about making quick decisions.
How many people can play?
Most of the games work best with 2­—6 players. Others can be played by many more. One of them — Massively Multiplayer Metagame ­— is designed for big parties and events. (Each basic set can support up to 50 Massively Multiplayer Metagame players.)
Wait a second ­isn't this just like Cards Against Humanity?
The Metagame is a “creative judgement” game ­— a tabletop genre with long historical roots. Folk games like Fictionary and Balderdash, as well as commercial titles like Apples to Apples and Dixit are all part of this proud tradition. We love Cards Against Humanity ­— in fact, we have been told by its creators that Cards Against Humanity was inspired in part by an early version of The Metagame.
What’s this about expansion sets?
We have three themed expansions, which, when added to the game change the flavor: GAMES, SCIENCE FICTION and FILM 101. Each adds 56 themed cards to the basic game.
How do I get The Metagame if I’m not in the U.S.?
The Metagame is available internationally, on this very website, through our friends at Blackbox! We'll keep this space updated as more international options become available. And of course, you can always download and print the game for free anywhere in the world.
I heard about the videogame version of The Metagame. Where can I get it?
This was the first edition of The Metagame published in 2011, and it is currently out of print. However, you can d​ownload and print it ​for free!
How can I help spread the word?
Get social with #TheMetagame on T​witter,​ F​acebook and I​nstagram.​
How do I get in touch?
Send us a message: info (AT) localno12 (DOT) com.
Who made The Metagame?
The Metagame was designed by Local No. 12. We are Colleen Macklin, John Sharp, and Eric Zimmerman. Metagame Designers